dicembre 13, 2013
Special Flickr Friday [064]


Thinking back to my 2013, I realize that many of my photographic related memories are about travels or people who live far away. One of these, probably the one that makes me feel satisfied the most, is the set of pictures I shot in the baltic sea. I received many positive comments and thoughts about them and this encouraged me so much.

I would like to thanks symbolically all the people who supported me in the last year. I decided to donate the prints I used for my most recent exposition to one of my Facebook followers. Leave me a comment here or in this Facebook post telling me the place you wish to visit in 2014, or the most amazing travel you have ever made with your camera. I’ll choose the story that represents the best my wanderlust feeling.

Aabstract creation ©WDene’ Miles

PATAGONIA 069_ ©Sabino Demerson>

Vijay Nund on Ganges River ©joeyL.com

islande ©Renaud Clavier

Inside Fingal’s Cave in the Hebrides Islands of Scotland ©Jim Richardson

©Randy P. Martin

cenote ©m_elder

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