maggio 30, 2014
Flickr Friday [076]
Flickr Friday [076]

Finally I’m back. I cleaned my computer HD, started post-producting all the pictures I left behind, bought new films and now it’s time to start making my beloved Flickr Fridays again. New year, new way to do features, again in collaboration with other photographers. The first of them is my friend Alessandra Caronna, one of the warmest hearts and solar smiles I ever known. I love how she uses colours in her photography, very bright and full, but for this occasion we decided to work on a b&w work on her. The key is in the high contrast between lights and shadows, that seem like cutting and separating the picture many smaller ones.

sradar ©masha devianova

Grand Central 2/3 ©Barry Yanowitz

Love never Ends ©Alessandra Caronna

©Robert Moses Joyce

js11.1a ©Peter van Rychvald

Facing the fog” ©Alice van der Plas

relations002″ ©tomoyuki shinohara

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