agosto 31, 2013
Flickr Friday [050]
Flickr Friday [050]
Starting from my very first photographies, I always tried to avoid human subjects, preferring landscapes or objects. At the same time, I’ve always been attracted by pictures of people with their face hidden and only a part of the body visible (most of the times the back). I’m starting convincing myself that this two traits of my photo-personality both come from the same feeling: a sort of discomfort in portraying or watching somebody’s face. If a photo of the back of a person can tell so much about him, his face cannot be anything but the expression of his very intimate personality.

A place to escape my head ©kelly.marie

i said i love you like the stars above, ©Sophie Richards

dissection of it all ©d.e.eastman

©Stephen Beadles

untitled (tendedero) ©Tag Christof

©Mallory Varnum

©Sílvia Trillo Martí

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