When you sleep

dicembre 11, 2012
Nel corso di questa ultima settimana ho passato qualche tempo in spiaggia per via di un progetto a cui sto lavorando e non ho potuto fare a meno di notare tutte le case e gli oggetti abbandonati per la stagione invernale, in attesa del prossimo Giugno. I parcheggi erano deserti, le finestre sbarrate, le sedie ammucchiate in un angolo riparato. Ho pensato di scattare qualche foto a questi attori di desolazione temporanea, prima che l’estate ritorni. I spent some time on the seaside in the last week because of a project I am working on and I couldn’t avoid to...
Flickr Friday [018]

dicembre 07, 2012
This week collaborator, Emanuele, uggested me a dreamy, light blue photo of a lake. I really missed making some monochromatic features so I took the chance as soon as I saw it. Look ©noël-michèle ©katherine
Flickr Friday [017]

novembre 30, 2012
Preparing this feature has been as tumultuous as the subject of the photos of the week. Marc suggested to search stormy waterscapes with waves and wind. Take a look at the result Roker lighthouse blue tone ©john kirkwood ©amanda
Flickr Friday [016]

novembre 23, 2012
Winter is not so far away and in some places it’s already snowing. Daniel helped me findin white, cold photos. A23745_3 ©lars wästfelt ©Clemens Fantur PRAHA. ©AllthewaytoOhio St. Nicholas Church ©erik witsoe freeze ©Nakayama Hiromitsu ©Vika Bogorodskaya The Wedding Party ©Aron WiesenfeldPrevious Flickr
Flickr Friday [015]

novembre 16, 2012
Camilla is a young and talented photographer I already featured in a past Flickr Friday and I am really happy to have her helping me for this week feature. We decided to search photos representing waterscapes seen as a limit for human beings. More news! I created Flickr galleries for my weekly features so, starting from now, you will be able to check easily the old articles here A Swan Song For Icebergs ©Rasmus Hartikainen :::parsons::: ©Keitha Haycock ©allie reed odio l’estate ©Gioia De Antoniis ©ben evans the first sunrise of the year ©Lera...
Flickr Friday [014]

novembre 09, 2012
Posing for a photographer forces you to expose your soul and feelings. For this feature, Teresa suggested emotional portraits that show how people react in front of a camera. as white as snow ©Andrea Hübner ©bearandvodka fall in the wood ©Alex Mazurov ©Ricky Brown The Girl Who Fell To Earth XII ©Alexander Kuzmin ©Lieke Romeijn Alex ©Francesca
Flickr Friday [013]

novembre 02, 2012
Francesca is the first photographer I met personally and I always admired her artistic taste and the photos she used to show me. It’s not a surprise for me to be so happy about this Flickr Friday collaboration with her. The theme? Patterns in nature. izaña ©Victor Morell Perez ©Cody Cobb Landmannalaugar, Iceland ©Cor Laffra ©Vika Bogorodskaya ©Robert Kaczynski ©Vika Bogorodskaya . ©anna
Cristina & Gianmarco

ottobre 29, 2012
A metà Luglio ho partecipato al mio primo matrimonio e finalmente ho l’opportunità di mostrarvi una piccola selezione degli scatti che ho fatto quel giorno. Poiché erano già presenti due fotografi (che ringrazio per avermi dato il permesso di pubblicare qui le mie foto), il mio ruolo è stato marginale e mi sono limitata a fotografare alcuni momenti della giornata. Cristina aveva un vestito meraviglioso e un sorriso felice, sono stata molto contenta di fotografarla. In the middle of July I took part at my first wedding and now I...
Flickr Friday [012]

ottobre 26, 2012
For this second collaboration on Flickr Friday I’ve got a kind help from Alice: after some discussing we decided to feature photos of foggy, autumnal moments. ©Jordi Huisman ©Vermeero ©Pavel Morozov a year ©Cate … ©Cody Cobb ©Robert Kaczynski . ©Joanna
Flickr Friday [011]

ottobre 19, 2012
After 10 weeks I decided to give a little twist to this feature thing. In the next month I will collaborate with other photographers: every 7 days one of them will suggest me the theme of the feature and the cover shot for it. Let’s start with Lisa who shared with me an amazing night photo. ©Elizabeth Gadd ©nivea-cream Fog Signals ©Valerie Chiang Car Lights Over Sparks Lake ©Toby Harriman ©John Beneke Åresjön ©Ola Harström 12venise_chaise12.jpg ©David