Flickr Friday [027]

febbraio 08, 2013
I spent one year of my life studying in Lyon, the city where Alizee now lives, creates and studies. Even if we shared this experience in different moment of our lives, this coincidence makes me feel a little closer to her and more happy to show you the result of our collaborations. The theme? Windows and who lives behind them. ©esparist With desires to truly exist ©Stephen Criscolo Alluring decadence ©Kristina di Enes her personal prison ©brianoldham It hurts to become. ©kelly.marie ©Jaclyn Sollars 189.365 ©Martina Boggian Previous Flickr
Flickr Friday [026]

febbraio 01, 2013
This week feature, in collaboration with my dear friend and photographer Fiore, started with the idea of showing some self-portraits. It turned out to be the collection of personal and intimate stories. 49/52 – luci, ombre e specchi vuoti ©e n y o u You don’t know who you are, but you know who you wanna be. ©…stephanie… dried roses ©Kristina di Enes 23/365 ©Els Vanopstal ©jenn slade la vedova bianca ©m u s a di nessuno. ©Silvia Sala Previous Flickr
Flickr Friday [025]

gennaio 25, 2013
Mirko is one of the most active and helpful collaborators I ever had. His idea for this feature was as clear as hard to explain in words: emotions expressed without the help of the subject’s eyes. ©Kyle Thompson ©Aëla Labbé ©alexbworld imperfect ©Gioia De Antoniis at Elie Saab ©Kasia Bobula sense of calm ©the69th Our Lady of Insolence ©Mara BrioniPrevious Flickr
Flickr Friday [024]

gennaio 18, 2013
I always loved light leaks in photography so when Claudia suggested the cover of this feature she found me enthusiast about the idea of preparing this article. autumn fights back ©Salbjörg Rita Jónsdóttir ©Ivana Cunja 2 ©A/Verho K. Caldwell ©P. H. Fitzgerald ©amber ortolano ©nizozk two seconds in the sun ©Danielle HughsonPrevious Flickr
Flickr Friday [023]

gennaio 11, 2013
Gioia and I approached to photography at the same time and in similar ways. After all these years of sharing ideas, inspirations and shots I am very happy to work on this feature together with her. Considering our common interests, the theme could be only one: books! reading on the roof ©Raul Lieberwirth 26.02.2010 ©Siim Ghert Preiman Slip away ©Alex Stoddard on the way to Taizhong ©Victor Chang Elena_0254 ©Giorgia Pallaro short stories ©Jen Altman Beautiful Light #5 ©Amir KuckovicPrevious Flickr
Flickr Friday [022]

gennaio 04, 2013
Silvia Sala is one of my favorite Italian photographers and I am very happy to present a feature made in collaboration with her. In my opinion, the choice to show portraits where intimacy is communicated through the touch of a skin completely matches with her style. ©Mònica dofa Cosas de 1+1 ©anaLMz skinny love ©Leanne Lim-Walker Belle& sis ©Raven Yeh ©Jordan Strong ©Laura Praseutkoun touch me softly ©Lara WernetPrevious Flickr
Flickr Friday [021]

dicembre 28, 2012
My kind collaborator for this week, Roberta, proposed a fairy, fantasy theme. Once upon a time, there were princesses, wild children, witches and magic. Snow White ©Adrienne McNellis Journeys of rain. ©Caterina
Flickr Friday [020]

dicembre 21, 2012
At the beginning of December I was checking my mailbox when I found a postcard from London. It was the cutest Flickr Friday request ever, from my lovely friend Lily: a biology themed feature! Composite Photo of Cotton Tree Wood ©Stymphy Carcinoid Tumor of Lung, FNA ©Ed
Silvia e Davide

dicembre 19, 2012
Al matrimonio di Silvia e Davide ho quasi dimenticato di trovarmi nel mezzo di una cerimonia. Dai preparativi al mattino presto fino alla cena finale si è percepita un’aria rilassata e felice che ha coinvolto anche quelli che, come me, non erano invitati a tutti gli effetti. Il fotografo a cui ho dato una mano, e che mi ha gentilmente accordato il permesso di mostrarvi qualche mio scatto, mi ha chiesto di soffermarmi sui piccoli dettagli rossi che spuntavano da ogni dove, durante ogni momento della cerimonia. Non potevo chiedere missione...
Flickr Friday [019]

dicembre 14, 2012
This is not something I usually like to say, but today is my birthday. I was born 24 winters ago and I feel like the last years changed me a lot, in the way they were supposed to do. I decided to dedicate this weekly feature to myself: every photo represents my person in one of the past seven years. I guess this will talk about me more than most of the things I could write. My memories of you ©*Nishe seriously