Flickr Friday [036]

maggio 17, 2013
In the middle of May, when it can be rainy and sunny and then rainy again four times in the same afternoon, some people have the luck to bring a little piece of spring in their home. A whole season on a table. . ©Ansel Olson ©Anna Ã…dén kumquats ©violet
Flickr Friday [035]

maggio 10, 2013
There is something fascinating in the thick smoke of a cigar, in the way the vapour rises from a cup of tea and nin the fog born in a cold morning. ©Hudson Gardner ©Seleznev A. ©Wouter Van de Voorde ©Margarete Elmenhorst . ©ian webb Contale tutte ©Ludovica Lanzafami ©Patrick hidden Previous Flickr
Flickr Friday [034]

maggio 03, 2013
Sometimes I look at the photos I like and I realize that I can easly find a fil rouge connecting some of them. Reflections over water is one of the recurrenting themes of my photographic world. ©Silvia Sala žeimiai ©almond croissants T a s a p a i n o k a s ©Pörrö 174/365 ©Stefano Galeotti . ©Joanna Kitchener bandon by-the-sea (coastal series 3 of 5) ©Danielle Hughson alps ©Alex Mazurov Previous Flickr
Flickr Friday [033]

aprile 26, 2013
It’s been a while since the last Flickr Friday. I am not here to apologize for missing some of these weekly appointments because unexpected events occur when life happens. There are many things to do and to see, and one of the reasons why I am motivated to post here photos whenever I can is because ‘the world is so beautiful and life is so short’. And it needs somebody to share your experiences with. the great nostalgic ©Davis Ayer ©bryter later ©Vladimir Kostromitsky C&A at Rauðhólar ©Salbjörg Rita Jónsdóttir – “Eppure sembravamo...
Flickr Friday [032]

marzo 15, 2013
Sara and I share the city where we live. I find the theme for this collaboration with her perfectly fitting: a sense of protection and grisps at the same time. post-it note ©Brooke Shaden Deliverance ©Amelia Fletcher breathless ©Massimiliano Rossetto dont give in. ©Robby Cavanaugh resilience ©Ingrid Endel ©Maja Malou Lyse take refuge ©Carolyn Emily Previous Flickr
Flickr Friday [031]

marzo 08, 2013
The photo Caterina suggested gave me so many possibilities for a theme that I felt almost lost. I tried in many ways but, in the end, I decided to celebrate the sense lack of identity this photo gives to me: no face, no colors, just a well hidden story to tell. 365/365 ©winter hearts Tangle ©täm 挛兽 ©徐晚晚 ©l y n Spot Light ©Nicolas Méphane ©Melisa Fernández 26.02.2010 ©Siim Ghert Preiman Previous Flickr
Flickr Friday [030]

marzo 01, 2013
I always thought that Martina‘s photography shows a really personal and intimate side of being a person. The theme she suggested for this feature seemed odd at first, but then I realized that it matches perfectly with her style. ©Murad Quliyev cipika cipiki ©Rifat Attamimi ©Randy P. Martin Australia Day #1 ©Mindaugas Vasinauskas te aro take 2 ©Leslie Thomson Amongst & Above ©Antoine Thibault alibosworth_20100502_01_13 ©Ali Bosworth Previous Flickr
Flickr Friday [029]

febbraio 22, 2013
I was really, really hoping to get a request for a double exposure themed feature. Not because I had any particular photo in my mind: I just found the idea challenging and interesting. When Valentina arrived with her suggestion, I immediately agreed. ©Mary Claire Roman Tokyo Cityscape ©Jasper James Photography and so to mondays ©this fleeting life ©Oliver_Morris swimmer ©Andy Buck Fading ©amamak photography! for hoped ©Sarah Bernhard Previous Flickr
In the backseat

febbraio 18, 2013
Approfittando del primo fine settimana soleggiato di Gennaio (e cioè già parecchi giorni fa) mi sono rifugiata insieme a due amici fotografi tra la pineta e la spiaggia di Ravenna per respirare un po’ di aria pulita e passare una giornata scattando qualche foto. Ho anche avuto l’onore di provare la Rolleiflex di Camilla (e non serve spiegarvi perché sia stato amore fulminante) che con la complicità di una pellicola Lomo X-Pro regalatami dall’adorabile Francesca ha dato risultati
Flickr Friday [028]

febbraio 15, 2013
The photo Teresa proposed for this feature has everything: pastel colors, lovely models, soft flowers, red lips. Among all this beauty, the thing I loved the most is the blurry part between the subject and the camera. ©Asia Lemko . ©anna gawlak . ©Lukasz Wierzbowski ©航 任 -stillness- ©Carola Ferrero ©red biplane ©Silvia Sani Previous Flickr