Flickr Friday [062]

novembre 29, 2013
Looking through my favourite photos I noticed an incredible lack of pictures portraying two subjects. If single and group portraits present so many differences, we can distinguish a third separated group of photographies: the ones showing couples. Friend, lover, stranger or brother, sharing a photo with someone forces you to define better your relationship with this person and creates a special sense of intimacy. i n t i m a c y ©Sergey Neamoscou ©Natalia Budantseva ©Mariam Sitchinava Naruko hot spa ©Yuki Ishikawa a meeting for reviewing &Nagano Toyokazu ©Jordan...
Flickr Friday [061]

novembre 22, 2013
Back to the times of Flickr Friday collaborations I received the same suggestion for a feature from two different friends: Freddy and Giulia. I decided to blend together their ideas to make a single article with pictures I loved the most concerning the subject they picked: skeletons. Break II ©Sabine Fischer skinscapes ©i am not Ana A timely gathering. ©David Kasyanyuk I’m just a skeleton ©Amy Haslehurst dissection of it all &d.e.eastman A lover, departed. ©alex stoddard Shedding structure. ©alex stoddard Previous Flickr
Flickr Friday [060]

novembre 15, 2013
The process of taking a photo includes an infinite numbers of factors and variables. Among the most important ones there is the light. And when you play with both light and shadows, you always end up creating unexpected effects. Powdered Milk ©Molly Lichten ©Mehmet Bulca An Affair Between Light & Dark ©Dearest Cecilia – Joana VII – ©Teresa Queirós ©Tamara Lichtenstein . ©tanya ©Yukino Iwatsuki Previous Flickr
Flickr Friday [059]

novembre 08, 2013
I’ve always been fond of stars, galaxies and space. Astronomic photography is something I’ll probably never be able to learn properly, but it remains some of the things I enjoy the most. Electric Bloom ©mister sullivan Enter Galactic. ©Matt Aubrey Milky Way Above a Sea of Clouds ©Roberto Bertero Mt. Hood / Cloud ©Michael Williams Moon and Star Gazing the Pleiades ©Tracy Lee Carroll Infinite’s prisoner ©Raffaele Geronazzo i swear this is a test shot. ©cole rise Previous Flickr
Flickr Friday [058]

novembre 01, 2013
As I already declared my love for yellow landscape, I don’t feel guilty at all to make this second featured dedicated to them (with a special focus on deserts) ©Clemens Fantur Syria ©Philippe Yong Marocco ©Francesca Guadagnini … ©T e r r i n h a softly, the world awakes. ©Nicola Odemann Desert Fox ©Kareem Cool Blue ©Mark Daniel Previous Flickr
Flickr Friday [057]

ottobre 25, 2013
Trapped in a prism, in a prism of light / Alone in the darkness, darkness of white / I thought I found a way to enter, it’s just a Reflektor Flurry of July. ©Hitoshi ©patrickjoust 28340032 ©Jake Holland reflejada en el mar de cristal ©Alberto Twose trees reflected in puddles_hdr ©Richard Corbett Le ciel ©Daria Nazarova braoum. ©cleothomasson Previous Flickr
Flickr Friday [056]

ottobre 18, 2013
One of the hardest challenges for a photographer is to take underwater photos. You need special gear to protect you camera, a good location and most of all some incredibly patient and brave models. The results usually make the preparation worth it. Immersion ©alex [in wonderland] Hassalien ©Hani Amir Happiness apnea ©David Olkarny ©Daniel Bos Secret ©Taylor Dawn Fortune ©Daniel Bos to bloom in silence ©Brooke Shaden Previous Flickr
Flickr Friday [055]

ottobre 11, 2013
The other day a girl from my photography group shared with us her last work and I realized I never made a musical themed feature. While I was still thinking about that, my friend Marc Dantès asked for a Flickr Friday inspired by this picture, so here it is! ©Silvia Sani . ©frank brinsley A little bit of heaven, but a little bit of hell. ©Federica Santolamazza Hasselblad 500C – C – FujiProvia400 – Channa Piano ©Gustaf Emanuelsson ©sea ghost kindly unspoken ©kitkat lastimosa ©Natalie Podaima Previous Flickr
Flickr Friday [054]

ottobre 04, 2013
When I was little my dream job was to become a teacher of mathematics. Or a paleontologist. Nevertheless I am sure that, if I only had knew the existence of the word wanderer and its definition, I would have dreamt of travelling the world around with a bagpack, some chocolate and my favourite plushie. ©Kristina Petrosiute 34 ©Three Thoughts ©Dennis Janssen Croajingolong, 1985 ©NettyA ©Carmen Marchena ©Matthew Lief Anderson 20070218 The Wave, Coyote Buttes North, Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness, Arizona 026 ©Gary Koutsoubis Previous Flickr
Flickr Friday [053]

settembre 27, 2013
Umbrellas are one of my favourite clichés in photography. I have a special affection for the plastic, transparent ones, because they allow you to walk inside a blurry lens full of water drops, that changes the world and make it looks like a fantasy world. a lonely ride ©Dave Chin Waiting for summer ©Aris Kamarotos ©登 曼波 ManboKey ©kelly.marie Raining ©Una_Pan When it rains 24/365 ©Evija R. the shadowlands ©PaytonGuerra Previous Flickr