Flickr Friday [072]

febbraio 14, 2014
Night’s candles are burnt out, and jocund day / Stands tiptoe on the misty mountain tops. [William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet] Tea ©Joshua White Awful House ©Jonathan Purvis Bakery HACHIICHI #3 ©kiyoshimachine ToGOnuts. ©Danielle Yagodich I want a piece of carrot cake ! ©Catherine ©minato
Flickr Friday [071]

febbraio 07, 2014
There is something extremely peaceful in empty rooms and desolated streets. And some pictures show no human subjects, but still suggest the ghostly presence of somebody who was, or will be, there. . ©ulldevellut absence ©mitsue kobayashi ©@takumi ©daniel cavazos metal oxide Semiconductor… ©77, Where my life happens
Flickr Friday [070]

gennaio 31, 2014
My path is not your path, therefore I cannot teach you. The way is within us, but not in Gods, nor teachings, nor in laws. Within us is the way, the truth and the life. [Carl Gustav Jung] Lost ©Mikko Lagerstedt ©Christian Gendron ©Christian Gendron ©Randy P. Martin Beautiful Lies (1) ©brianoldham ©Randy P.
Flickr Friday [069]

gennaio 17, 2014
Symmetries are something I never managed to portrait properly. Every time I try, there is always something wrong: a disturbing element, a line that should be perpendicular but is not, a flare of light that breaks the symmetry. However, sometimes imperfections is what make a photo really special The kiss ©Francesca Guadagnini ©*YIP* ©Sarah Bernhard #10 ©Tito Mouraz 39 – bubbles ©Erin
Flickr Friday [068]

gennaio 10, 2014
Some people, sooner or later, find out their magical place. A place where no drama, troubles or thoughts can exist and all the worries can be forgotten at least for a while. It can be a bed, the passenger seat of a car, a bathtube or a chair in a garden. I almost lost the hope of finding my magical place, when I found it in another human being. ©Wayne Lo ©joesee. ©Li Hui ©Chad Siddall ©emma louise. ksenija, ljybitel’ bekona!(fya-gra)/ ksenija magnit! ©mkrnkv blinded ©elizabeth sarah Previous Flickr
Flickr Friday [067]

gennaio 03, 2014
The beginning of a new year always bring something special: hopes, wishes and good intentions. I want to celebrate this feeling with some photos full of magic lights and colors. And happy 2014 everybody! ajeitando os cactos ©Simone Mendes Bangkok – J.J. Market ©Simone i’m just a little bit caught in the middle. ©Kristine May Plaza Lights 1 ©Ron Carney i love you like you love me. ©Kristine May ©Jules Piccotti Christmas lights in berlin ©Jules Piccotti Previous Flickr
Flickr Friday [066]

dicembre 27, 2013
Travelling alone is beautiful: you can pretend to be inside a painting, or a film, walking between people who speak strange languages and places where even the colours seem different from the ones you know. But there is something magical in making a trip with friends, with a sister or the person you love. It’s like bringing a piece of your place with you, expanding the boundaries of what you call home. The Wand’s Location ©Elliot Michael Fairhurst Travels in New Zealand ©Sundry Sullen The Lost Travelers ©Rob Woodcox ©maus. ©new legs CLIFF ALONG THE SEA...
Flickr Friday [065]

dicembre 20, 2013
When Christmas is getting closer and the week comes to an end, when you feel super tired and outside is terribly cold, when you just would like to sit on a sofa with a cup of tea and somebody to cuddle, well, maybe some cute animals can help you get through the day. baby african pygmy hedgehog – explored ©Adam Foster 10_ANT0998_1 ©TC Yuen The end! ©Valerie ©katie tilford ©zusammen IMG_7075 ©Michael Riley Sleepy Red Panda ©John Andersen Previous Flickr

dicembre 13, 2013
Thinking back to my 2013, I realize that many of my photographic related memories are about travels or people who live far away. One of these, probably the one that makes me feel satisfied the most, is the set of pictures I shot in the baltic sea. I received many positive comments and thoughts about them and this encouraged me so much. I would like to thanks symbolically all the people who supported me in the last year. I decided to donate the prints I used for my most recent exposition to one of my Facebook followers. Leave me a comment here or in this Facebook post telling me the...
Flickr Friday [063]

dicembre 06, 2013
When my friend Besse asked me to make a feature about old and young people together I realized I was in trouble. I’m not really into child photography and I have even less experience with family portraits. Looking around for these pictures, I realized I am probably missing a lovely part of portrait photography. Portrait of a small boy with his grandfather ©Nasos Zovoilis Velveteen Rabbit ©Daniel MacDonald> 366 Day 267 ©Annie Otzen Photography Portrait of a small boy with his grandfather ©Nasos Zovoilis Ambrose and her Baba ©Daniel MacDonald Di Di U Reading...