Estonia [Part II]

settembre 05, 2014
At the center of Kesklinn, on the top of an hill, there is Toompea which hosts the Estonian parliament. The old Tallinn is so beautiful that it became an Unesco world heritage site. The castle is surrounded by colourful streets full of touristic shops and small coffee places. I was aware to not have the most suitable gear with me, but some doors and windows were so beautiful I decided to shoot them as I could. Travelling with my sister has been a beautiful experience and exploring this unknown city full of surprises will always be one of my fondest memories. In case you missed the first part...
Estonia [Part I]

agosto 26, 2014
Last year I had the lucky chance to visit Tallinn for a couple of days with my dearest sister. For some reason I was expecting a small city, similar to the ones I visited in the other countries of north Europe. I couldn’t be more wrong. Kesklinn, the old district, is full of lovely buildings, mixed styles and people from all over the world. After so many months, while postproducing these photos, I realised I miss the small gardens, the colours hidden by the mist and the feeling to be in a secret and magic place. ...
Flickr Friday [079]

giugno 20, 2014
The photo selected from Claudia Tornatore photostream is a good concentrate example of what I can’t do in photography. Taking a good b&w picture is already difficult to me, but street photography is just my nemesis. It’s all about finding the perfect timing and the perfect perspective and needs some kind of nerve I’m struggling to have. 17MARZO2012 [STREET] ©Claudia Tornatore ABC – Rien de neuf ©BlackSp ©Timothy Burkhart Liverpool Street Station, London, February 1977 (160) ©Nigel Goodman Downtown New York ©Chris Hortsch Rainy Avenue of...
Flickr Friday [078]

giugno 13, 2014
Some people live in the same city for their whole life. They travel sometimes, even for weeks or months, but they keep calling home the place where they grow up. Marc Dantès brings home everywhere he goes. He puts his personal memories in photos of distant places, making them way long more emotional than the holidays pictures I’m used to see. Tokyo 491 ©tokyoform Osaka rainy day ©Masahiro Makino silent tokyo #2 ©R.Hossssy º–= ©Lys∫∫ Paris ©Marc Dantès ©toshiya watanabe .ultraviolett Previous Flickr
Flickr Friday [077]

giugno 06, 2014
I am usually not very good at describing dominant characteristics, but if I had to describe Caterina Appia‘s photo I would immediately think about simplicity of subjects and her clean use of light. Few lines, soft colours and a strong sense of self-consciousness I am kind of jealous of. dried roses ©Kristina di Enes January Sound ©Charlotte Clara ©Caterina Appia facciamo che sono un puzzle ©Giuseppe Palmisano js11.1a ©Neekwe ©Yulia Krivich ©GREEN iS Previous Flickr
Flickr Friday [076]

maggio 30, 2014
Finally I’m back. I cleaned my computer HD, started post-producting all the pictures I left behind, bought new films and now it’s time to start making my beloved Flickr Fridays again. New year, new way to do features, again in collaboration with other photographers. The first of them is my friend Alessandra Caronna, one of the warmest hearts and solar smiles I ever known. I love how she uses colours in her photography, very bright and full, but for this occasion we decided to work on a b&w work on her. The key is in the high contrast between lights and shadows, that seem like...
The Passenger [Part I]

maggio 05, 2014
Non so nemmeno io quanto tempo sia passato dall’ultima volta che sono andata in giro a scattare fotografie. Negli ultimi mesi sono successe tante cose ed ho dovuto mettere in stand-by tutto ciò che non era studio o lavoro, inclusa la fotografia. Ora che posso ricominciare, è difficile riprendere il ritmo e la concentrazione. Per tornare ad essere costante, ho deciso di partecipare al 100 Happy Days project: una foto al giorno, cercando per 100 giorni consecutivi una ragione per essere felici. Partecipo postando sul mio profilo Instagram. Ne ho approfittato per cominciare un piccolo...
Flickr Friday [075]

marzo 14, 2014
I have to admit, I never learned how to shoot in black and white properly. Even when I try, I always find myself struggling and in the end deciding to preserve the colours of the picture. However there is something magical in some b/w photos and I hope to be able someday to grab this secret. Heron Waits II ©Peter Bowers the mildred ©Michael Tanner The Rime of the Ancient Mariner ©Pier Luigi D-town ©Mike Lanzetta ©erica jewell Cafe noisette b/n ©fotourbana Showdown ©Olli Kekäläinen Previous Flickr
Flickr Friday [074]

marzo 07, 2014
“Light is the first of painters. There is no object so foul that intense light will not make it beautiful.” [Ralph Waldo Emerson] sunlight ©Elisabeth Körner Fairy Fog (2) ©Mathijs Delva Little creatures live here ©Mathijs Delva ©massju ©coolhandluke New York – Brooklyn Bridge Sunset ©Philipp Klinger Dream Boat ©thriftcandy Previous Flickr
Flickr Friday [073]

febbraio 28, 2014
The good news is that, starting from the next month, I’ll be able to work on my own pictures again. The bad news is that I’m using again one of my favourite themes for this feature: portraits from behind. All That Awaits ©Nate Bittinger ©Giulia Bellato ©Glenda G ©hana haley To be on the edge of breaking down when no one’s there to save you ©Giulia Rossi Ferrini sill ©Camilla Marrese ©Giulia Bellato Previous Flickr